Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow, look at me blogging twice in one week! Haha. I think this blog needs a makeover. Maybe then i would be more inspired to write.

I've been really messed up with dates recently - i have no idea what day it is! I kept thinking yesterday was friday, and that the SyFy channel original movie Mothman would be on tonight. Sadly, it isn't. I have to keep reminding myself that it's actually on tomorrow night. So what's on tonight? Nothing. Poo.

I've started working on a present for someone - can't say who yet, in the off chance they might read this blog (yeah, right). Anyway, it's a collage and i'm using a paper called Color Aid. I had to buy a huge pack of this stuff freshman year at Pratt for LCD class, (that's light, color, and design for you folks not in the know). My professor LOVED color aid and made us use it whenever she could. She even went around after class and picked up all the tiny scraps that had fallen on the floor and put them in the big folder that she would bring out during critiques. She'd rummage through the folder and find a scrap of a similar color or different tone to one that we had used in our work, and she'd hold it up to the piece and ask how that different shade/tone/color changed our piece. But i digress... I used to be pretty good with it, and i had a ton left over from LCD, (i haven't used it since then), so i thought: what the heck! So i spent most of yesterday cutting out small shapes of paper. The feel and smell of this paper really brings me back. I should also mention that if you use this paper long enough, it can be toxic - i've been washing my hands a lot. If this project works out, i might try doing a portrait of Russell, and then if that works out, i might try doing custom pet portraits to sell on etsy. We'll see.

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