Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just thought i'd let you know that i created a Flickr account. So far i only have pictures of my Chubbikins up, but soon i will probably be posting pictures of other work and my cat. So check it out!

I found out i was featured on several blogs! My hedgehog and penguin prints were featured here at the Moxie Fab World blog under the "let's go fly a kite" (my favorite song from Mary Poppins!) section. There's lots of other great work to look at too. 
My hedgehog chubbikin was featured here on the My Coney blog. It's right there with bunny eared fern animal by Ashley Anna Brown. LOVE the fern animals. I have two myself, and i'll probably buy more in the future because they're just so darn cute! You can check out her site here.
And finally, my penguin print was featured again in the Penguin Phaves section in Carina's Craft Blog. Many people i have been admiring from etsy were also featured. Lots of fun stuff to see, so take a look! 
Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

giant chubbikins

I just finished my giant chubbikins. I'll be putting them up on etsy shortly!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

new prints!

I just put up some new prints in my etsy shop! So take a look! I'm thinking of making some birthday themed cards - animals with party hats, presents, etc. I can't really decide what animals to pick. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe some sort of bear, a hippo, a big cat...some kind of monkey? I'm trying to narrow it down to two animals. I thought my otter and squirrel illustrations would make good cards too. Cupcakes and balloons = party. 

Also, i just discovered this site. Burdastyle.com. Everyone probably already knows about it. They have all kinds of patterns and ideas to sew cool stuff. I was excited to find it because i always want to sew actual useful things, but sometimes i just don't know how to do it. 

I've got a lot of tshirts that i don't wear very often, but i don't want to throw them out. I'm going to try to make a tote bag or two - maybe quilt the designs together. I haven't started yet because i'm afraid i'll just end up ruining my shirts. I must be brave! Also, i should really figure out how to use that darn sewing machine i have. The thought of handsewing a tote bag together is daunting. 

Friday, March 20, 2009


No, i haven't dropped off the face of the planet. I thought i'd write about what i've been up to, since (contrary to popular belief), i don't just sit around all day watching tv. SO. First and most importantly: my sticker book is on amazon! Yeah, it was up there before, but now the cover picture is up and the release date has been moved to april! So exciting. You can check it out here. So please buy a few copies to let Dover know that they should hire me to do other books for them. 

I've been trying to work on my sasquatch book. It's amazing how excited about a project you can be, but once you start working on it you lose all interest. The watercolor pictures didn't really work out, so now i'm trying marker. But i'm not sure if that's working out either. I've lost confidence in this idea. I thought i'd be done with this book by now. Oops. I haven't completely given up yet. Still trying. I'm starting to think that i don't really want to do a book, but since my paper dolls are too cartoony (grr), i have to do something else. 

I did some paper dolls for the paper doll guild i'm a member of. They send out a quarterly magazine with different themes and people send in their work. This next theme was classic literature. I wanted to do different style dresses, so i chose different books - Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, and Robin Hood. (i haven't read any of those books, but i've seen the movies! *hangs head in shame*)

A few more things: I entered my Chubbikins in this year's Plush You! show. I'm guessing i won't get in, but i might as well try.  My chubbikins website has been updated - they dance again! I'm thinking about making bigger, more cuddly Chubbikins. No one seems to want to buy the ones i have now, so i don't know whether it would be worth it. Perhaps i'll make one and see what happens. I've been trying to get my taxes together - but since i don't even know what forms to fill out it's been going pretty slowly. I think i want to start volunteering at an animal shelter - it would get me out of the house and i'd get to help animals (with my luck i'd probably have to answer phones - i'd rather clean up animal poo!). I'll probably wait to apply for that because i'll probably be moving in a month. Yikes! That's a scary thought. I can't wait to have a permanent address. 

And there you have it.