Friday, April 30, 2010

So here's what i've been working on lately. Fellow ICM volunteer sarah and i have been making a (nearly) life-sized replica of the minnesota iceman. It's going well! Here is a photo of what he looked like a few days ago.

His body is a combination of chicken wire, plastic bags, twist ties, wooden dowels, plaster, and this dry clay stuff that you mix with water and it turns into a substance similar to squelchy wet cookie dough. Sarah holds his head, which will be attached later.

I got to take home the hands and feet to work on. The skin tone i was trying to achieve was mummy-like. I think it came out to be more moldy-like. But he's supposed to have been stuck in a block of ice for some time, so i figure that's okay.

The most recent photos: Feet and one hand attached, as well as the head. Yes, his crotch looks pretty damp - i know what you're thinking, and no, he didn't pee himself. The clay isn't dry yet. Sheesh.

Face close up: i think sarah did a great job! Especially with the pig nose. One of the many features that makes the iceman unique. Soon he'll be covered in hair and his eyeball will be hanging out of his empty socket. More pictures soon.

In other news, it's official: voting has ended and the results are in. Thank you to everyone who voted on my shirt! Over 500 of you! My final score is a 2.15, which unfortunately, probably isn't high enough to be in the running. But who knows, maybe every shirt submitted this month had a low score and i'm still in the running (wishful thinking). We'll see. Although after having 30 chubbikins returned to me today that never got sold, i was hoping for a high threadless that score would cheer me up. I'm tempted to just bury my face in my pillow and not come out, but i won't! I'm just stuffing my face full of ice cream instead. Much better.

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