Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vote for Anne!

Hi there folks! My super talented friend Anne Tochka is a contestant in the GoDaddy Big Leap contest.  If she wins, she will get 6 months salary so she can quit her day job and focus on her small business - making monsters! But, she needs your help! Watch her pitch to none other than Danica Patrick and cast your vote HERE!!!

Anne is a soft sculpture artist living and working in Somerville, Massachusetts. Her work is a true labor of love in which she blends her illustration background with a wide range of sewing techniques. From her signature "Gogolshoks" to owls and bears, Anne's creations breathe new imagination into the world  of children's toys.

She made me this adorable Russ Monster for my birthday last year. As you can see, Russ Cat loves it too! Please take a look at her website HERE.


Annie said...

Thanks Erin!! Whatta great post! Russell was the perfect little model.
Love your profile picture as well!

Kristyn Collins said...

Nice post, Erin! I have such talented roommates. I also like the photographs!