Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year means it's make over time!

Happy New Year to all! I don't know about you, but i for one am pleased to see 2010 finally be over with. For me, last year was just a series of unfortunate events, one after the other. But, that was last year - onward and upward! (Don't you love my positive attitude? We'll see how long this actually lasts...)

I'm starting this year off with productivity. As you can see, my blog has received a make over. I think it looks swell. The header still needs adjusting (for one thing, it's not wide enough!), but hopefully i'll get on that soon. I am reluctant to do computer work since my office/work space is the couch - it's hard to use a mouse to do fine photoshopping skills when you're on a couch. But anyway, that's one thing that's on the agenda. The next is my real website, which needs a major overhaul. It probably hasn't been updated in at least a year, and really it's become an eyesore to me. But this will take time, so i've been putting it off. Also on the list: pet portraits, a knitting print series, sock chubbikin buddies, new cards on etsy....sounds like i'll be busy for a while! 

Here is a portrait i did in november of the lovely Tober. More to come!

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lauramccabe said...

Looks good! I like it!