Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry i'm so bad at updating, everyone! Sheesh. Since easter is less than a month away, i put my chicken and bunny prints back up in my shop. I didn't sell any last year, but what the heck. Maybe this is the year.

I'm finally going to install snow leopard and new photoshop on my computer. Eek! But first i'm transferring lots of files onto my old computer, just in case this one goes kerpluey. Also, i have to bring this one in to get the cd burner looked at before my apple care warranty expires in april. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another. In the meantime, maybe i'll be able to burn cds from my old computer. I guess we'll see!

The academy awards were on the other night and seeing all those fancy dresses makes me want to draw paper dolls. If only people would be able to see them! Someday... anyway, i would like to get my paper doll portfolio sent out by next week before i go to NY, but i also want to get my taxes done before then. So i should probably do those first. Yuck.

Side note: i made my own coffee this morning and it doesn't taste too bad - perhaps a little watery. But i've made worse. I did, however, burn my finger a little bit on the hot part of the coffee maker.

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