Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, i have to say that they taste better than they look. Thank goodness! I always imagine these beautiful christmas cookies with pretty and intricate designs, but somehow they always end up looking like this. Until i have real pastry bags and those metal tip thingys, instead of hannaford brand ziploc bags (which causes the icing to either pop out the sides or ooze out the top, dripping all over the place), the cookies will continue to look like this. By the end i was just dripping icing all over the place!
I think my people look so unhappy because their outfits were not very fashionable, and there was icing everywhere.
They taste good though! I swear. If you'd like a recipe for sugar cookies that aren't super sweet and more on the buttery side, try out this recipe for Soft Christmas Cookies!

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