Friday, October 2, 2009

back from NYC!

Quick note: yours truly turned 25 this week. Yikes, sounds so adult.

Well, i got back on monday night, but i didn't really have anything to write about. I still don't really, but i thought i'd update anyway! Although it started with a car break in, our trip was great! I especially loved the bronx zoo. So fun! Since i've been back, i've been mostly hanging around and playing video games. But I made a special bat to donate to the silent auction at the Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary in Louisiana. Pretty cool! Anything to help out the animals. You can see their website

I received my christmas cards from overnight prints the other day. They look good! Except for one - i'm trying to decide if the mistake is big enough for me to have to reorder them. But if i'm thinking about it, it probably means i should, right? Sigh. I'll start on the christmas chubbikins soon. Hopefully christmas things will start showing up in my store by mid-october. We'll see!

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