Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sowa open market

Happy open market day! My first real craft fair went pretty well. Though the tent was very difficult to set up (we had to have five strapping guys help us), it stayed up and looked great. Most everyone who stopped by was very nice. This excludes two little girls who started yelling at me...but that's a long story. Some people seemed very confused by the Chubbikins (and Anne's Gogolshocks), and i was confused by their confusion. "What are chubkins?" (That seemed to be the most popular pronunciation). Sigh. The weather held out and only sprinkled for a few minutes in the afternoon. I made a few sales and had fun! I am looking forward to the Halloween one now and am going to start themed chubbikins soon.

The addition of this basket saved my tablecloth from flying away.

I think next time i'll have to find a better set up for the prints - no one looked through them.

Hi Anne!

We had the funnest tent there.

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