Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Oops! My lame excuse is that i've been sick, but i'm almost all better now, so here we go!

I posted new Party Animal cards in my shop today. You should take a look! I wasn't a 100% confident about this series, and i was hesitant about ordering cards. But I was happy when i opened the box and saw them. I think they're kinda nifty! 

I'm working on a design for Threadless. But i'm scared to post it! Haha lame. It's based on my octopus kite illustration. I'll let you know when i finally post it so you can vote for it. It would make a great tshirt i'm sure! 

I'm also working on my next Cloth, Paper, Scissors entry. Santa Sasquatch and the Yuletide Yeti. I couldn't work on them for a while because i didn't leave a big enough opening to turn them inside out and i didn't have a seam ripper. Oops. But now they are turned right side out and ready to go. 

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