Monday, June 22, 2009

Voting for my shirt is officially over. It was scored by 611 people(!) and ended with a final rating of 2.09. Hopefully that score is high enough for them to consider my design as a shirt. According to their website they look at designs every couple of weeks. So i'm not giving up yet. Thanks to everyone who voted!

I've been a busy bee since my last post. My Yuletide Yeti and Santa Sasquatch are almost complete. I just have to make a hat for Sas' squirrel helper. Pictures coming soon! I recently made some sheep Chubbikins for an open house type thing my friend is doing. This is the first chubbikin with a face color other than white. At first i thought the faces looked a little scary, but once putting them on the chubbikin body i think they came out pretty cute! I thought it would be pretty hard to embroider a little design on their chest, so i put a little bell on there instead.

It's been raining for the past week or so, and boy it's sure making me feel lazy! It's extra hard to get out of bed in the morning and i have no energy for being productive. I have a lot of packing to do (moving in a week and one day yipes!). I should probably get to, maybe later.

Random thought: I'm going through all my music on itunes and rating the songs. I've received some flak for not having my music rated. It's pretty funny to songs i haven't played for years. And a little embarrassing. Forcing myself to listen to every song on my playlist is a little tough, but it helps me weed out the crummy stuff. Any song i rate a 2 or lower probably shouldn't be on my list.

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urbancraft said...

Love your little sheep. Perfect for counting before going to bed. I am teaching my little one that trick and am contemplating making actual little sheep plushies.