Wednesday, November 26, 2008

open studio

This past weekend i joined my mom for open studios at the mill. Thankfully i didn't do as badly as i did at the last one. 
I made awesome posters to direct people to my mom's studio.
Keep going!
Wow, what a set up!
Day One: I was feeling confident and optimistic
Who wouldn't want to buy one? And at such a bargain!
Day Two: Feeling slightly depressed and very unsuccessful. Things picked up later on in the day. 

All in all, i'm glad i did it. And i will probably do it again next year. But probably not in the springtime. My mom sold a lot of books, so i guess i better get cracking. People seem to like buying books for their kids more than toys. But can you stuff a book in a stocking? I don't think so. 


laura said...

people who give kids books as gifts are LAME. children don't want to READ. jeez.

Anne said...

I can't believe I drove all that way and I didn't even get a shout out in this post. Yours was the BEST studio. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT MISTER.