Friday, October 24, 2008

i must be crazy

I'm trying to get together a paper doll portfolio. I've been working away. They're almost ready! Of course the subjects happen to be things i would like paper dolls of, so not everyone might like them. But hopefully they'll show that i can get close likenesses and details correct. I thought by doing the newer trilogy star wars paper dolls (yeah, the movies stink, but you have to admit the costumes are amazing), i could show that i can do major detail. I must be crazy. There are too many details in those costumes - coloring these things wear me out! But i think they came out pretty good.  I believe in my style no matter what some people may say (and i don't think i could do it any other way anyway). I'll be updating my website with soon (i hope), so i'll let you know when that's ready.